The art of innovation exists in the entertainment industry like few others. Almost every breakthrough in our industry was developed by end users who needed something that did not exist. In 2018, we were in the same position. We needed an interactive lighting solution to replicate motion, fire, clouds, neon, television, etc., that was nimble and complex at the same time. We searched for a system that would do it all. We considered many options that were already on the market, but each of them had flaws and ultimately did not give us the solution we required. Enter RuPixels.


RuPixels, Inc. manufactures interactive lighting products that will be the standard across the entertainment industry. RuPixels was born in our garage in 2018 from over 30 years and thousands of hours of expertise in the lighting industry for Motion Picture, TV, Commercials, Live Events, and Print. We are Motion Picture and Television Journeymen dedicated to our crafts with a diverse background in a multitude of industries. LEDs are becoming a driving force in the lighting industry across the entertainment spectrum because of their accessibility and versatility.


We at RuPixels, Inc. aim to be at the forefront of the individually addressable LED trend, by creating an interactive lighting platform. We have spent the last few years building, rebuilding and fine tuning what we believe is the finest device to solve these challenges and more.